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My goal is to organize your space to best fit your needs and lifestyle. The more organized we are the more time we save on searching for things and also eliminate aggravation. We become more efficient with our time and prepared for any and every situation that arises in our lives. I’m here to make your space flow better with systems that work for you.


Get this service done quickly and efficiently with Errica Jamil. I understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to the Professional Organizer you choose. That’s why I invest the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns my clients may have.


About me 

My organizing journey started when I was pre teen. My grandmother had a lot of stuff in our house and we would have to climb over piles. She would sleep on the couch because her bed was full of stuff. I'd be like "Ma, let me clean off your bed so you can sleep more comfortably" She would always reply with a reason why she didn't want me to and she would claim she was ok on the couch. I knew she wasn't though, she just adjusted and settled for what she created in her space. I didn't like to watch her suffer by tripping, searching and just being miserable because of all the stuff everywhere. I knew this created chaos in our house and I wanted to fix it. Fast forward to adult years, I've for the most part have been really organized in life and have had peace because of it. It took me until 2017 to discover that this is my passion, what I'm great at, what I love; so I decided to create my business to help others feel this peace that I feel being organized. I know what it's like living in a mess so I don't judge because there's a reason for why we get to that place. When I am hired to go into someones space, I am deeply grateful because your trusting me with your stuff and I'm honored to be able to help. Thanks in advance for believing in me


Bedroom Closet

When you're a busy women and always on the go this is what happens sometimes and that's ok! Gives me joy getting you back up to speed and seeing the stress fall off of your face!


Bedroom Closet

When things and stuff are put into a home it gives you a peaceful feeling knowing where things are and also looks pretty nice too!



How did I do?

Not sure how Errica can just walk into a room and assess everything so quickly, but she does! Her fresh perspective on things we stare at and walk past everyday really translates into a creative and maintainable living environment. The major bonus to how Errica thought out my space was that I didn't need to buy all new materials to get organized! Instead, she found ways to use what I had which saved me money! I am so thankful for her time helping me and her goal of saving me from unnecessary headaches! Errica's Organizing Services is run by a honest and dependable professional who takes pride in her work!

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